About me

ali miri

My name is Ali Miri. I am an artist.

I was born in Iran in 1975. I've lived in Mashhad all my life.

Since I remember, my inner world has been filled with shapes and colors. Actually, I feel the greatest joy of life through "seeing". Creating an artwork is one of the joys of my life. I am filled with joy whenever I turn an abstract image in my mind into a picture or a statue, and this feeling has not diminished after all these years. During my childhood, I behaved like an adult, and years later, in adulthood, my inner child started ruling. With the creation of childlike images, I recreate the world of a child with a unique and brilliant sensation. This recreation of the world around me is exciting.

I started painting as a profession very soon. During adolescence, while a high school student, I received graphic design orders from close friends and relatives, and gradually, this became a source of income for me. In 1993, my first artwork (as a designer and presenter) was published with a large circulation and I entered the professional world of design and printing while studying at university. Since 1995, I gradually got acquainted with the digital world, which revolutionized the process of implementing graphic design as well as illustrations. Speeding up the process to accept more orders was one of the results of this metamorphosis. During these years, I have provided artistic services for many people, companies, and business units across Iran and sometimes, abroad. My expertise include giving advice, sharing ideas, and implementation.

Among the various art activities that I have, I love storytelling and illustration for children. I love the childhood world, its honesty, simplicity along with its eruption of feeling and imagination. I enjoy being with children and talking with them. I believe my inner child is quite active and hasn't lost its energy. I use it for children's illustrations. Maybe that is the reason why I have always received very encouraging and positive feedback from my audience.

Working for children requires proficiency and attention. An image or a text may have a profound effect on the life of a child, and it requires strong commitment. Therefore, I always notice the content of the work that I plan to create for children. Having a happy life is the right for every child, and I try to create a beautiful world for my audience, both in the stories that I write and in the images that I create. My dream is that one day, all people, innocent and pure like children, live together happily. As an artist, I make every effort to push the world to that direction.